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How it all began

How it all began

“I remember it was October 2013 and my nephews were playing with Minecraft at home. That time, it became extremely popular and spread among kids as wildfire. They asked me if I could quickly help them share game servers with their classmates.”

My founding partner and I have been working for a long time on gaining a comprehensive experience on how network devices and protocols work and what network standards they are based on. The experience of solving the Minecraft connection issue sparked the interest in both of us to continue working on a solution for creating virtual private network over the Internet.

We wanted to understand everything. Most of all, we wanted to understand what was not well documented – and of course, we wanted to try everything out. Among other things, this gave us the momentum to get out there and create our first Internet service company and our flagship service. And since everything was new to us, we needed enthusiastic supporters – Joseph helped to develop an excellent business model, while Attila supported the technology side. My childhood friend, Tom believed in us and unselfishly, first helped me to get an opportunity and prove our solution in a challenging IT environment.

Together, we have created Remote Network Connection™ services, which we have extended to several operating systems and related platforms since then. The path to reaching our goal was not easy, many things had to be tried and tested, but our engineer's mindset and persistence helped to overcome failures and problems that we encountered on the way.

Gabor, founder

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